The Suicide Society

A novel written by:

William Brennan Knight

Horror, Suspense, Fiction


About the book:

The world continues to decay in a methodical, mystifying way. Values erode, conflicts deepen, and society is desensitized to the brutal and relentless suffering of others. On both a global and personal basis, we know it’s true, but nothing can be done to stop it.

How did it come to this?

After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Zach Randall, a self-absorbed accountant, begins to experience disturbing visions of other people in the act of taking their own lives. Initially dismissing the incidents as mere hallucinations, he slowly begins to suspect there is meaning hidden within each episode.

Struggling in the midst of the most recent punishing vision, Zach is able to see a name and address on a discarded envelop close to the latest dying wretch. After enlisting the aid of his friend and support group leader, Jarad Anston, Randall discovers that the people in his visions are real, and he is voyeur who watches their last moments on earth.

Certain that the visions are mirroring reality, Randall tries desperately to find more information as he is drawn into the grey mists of illusion, hoping that he might somehow intervene and save a doomed soul. However, there is an unexpected episodic encounter with someone—no something—that has its own horrific designs on those about to commit the final act.

A detective in Seattle, a couple street-wise cops in Chicago and Zach Randall begin to put the pieces together to reveal a conspiracy of supernatural horror that will threaten the foundation of humanity. At its source is the ultimate evil; a malevolence that defies explanation.


“This is a first-rate book in all respects, so it has earned 4 out of 4 stars. The Suicide Society will appeal to people who enjoy unambiguous good-versus-evil thrillers set in the present day.”

“Overall, The Suicide Society is a dark and gritty novel with a great deal of realism, which makes its startling conclusions all the more enjoyable when they’re reached.”
-K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite