Can anything stop the psychotic madman bent on global Armageddon?

Can the Suicide Society survive a traitor?

What will one gifted woman endure for the pursuit of love?

Defeated and on the run, the Suicide Society retreats to a secret facility in order to regroup and plan a strategy to defeat Mr. Cox. When they’re unexpectedly visited by an old man with a dire warning, the overseers recognize that no matter where they go, they will never be safe. Worst of all, there may be a traitor in their midst. 

Kill it to Death is the third book in the Suicide Society Series. As the depraved megalomaniac consolidates power in a relentless drive toward global domination, the overseers struggle to defeat an omniscient foe who seems to know their every move in advance. As the Benefactor’s maniacal scheme progresses, the Suicide Society must somehow cope with a shocking surprise that threatens its very existence. 

If you like books by Kenneth Johnson, DJ Molles, Robert Masello, Stephen King, and Eloise J Knapp, you better clear some time in your calendar for The Suicide Society Series because you’ll want to read all the books from cover to cover.