What if time reality kept repeating itself and your subconscious mind remembered every past reality?

Would it drive you mad?

If you’re living with an ever-present tension, anxiety and hopelessness you can’t understand, you’re not alone. The second book in the Suicide Society series offers a terrifying glimpse into a world where time is manipulated, and unwitting victims suffer the subconscious consequences of living in multiple realities.

Rational Insanity is a time-travel thriller that explores the possibility that our angst and depression may be caused by influences much more profound and ominous than we could imagine. Will these time resets affect the Suicide Society and the work it did to save the world, or will a new reality emerge that is much more terrifying than the one it replaced?

If you like books by Kenneth Johnson, DJ Molles, Robert Masello and Stephen King, you better clear some time in your calendar for The Suicide Society Series because you’ll want to read all the books from cover to cover.